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Dentures help to restore a patient’s smile and the ability to chew and speak clearly after some or all teeth are lost. At Assomee Dental Clinic, we provide personalized dentures to meet the patient’s unique needs. Our modern technology offers dentures that feel and look natural resulting in the highest strength, durability and esthetics. We also specialize in fabricating complete or partial overdentures, where we use dental implants to anchor the denture more effectively providing our patients with a greater sense of comfort with better function. We provide different types of dentures: Complete Dentures, Partial dentures, Implant supported Dentures.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is performed by a dentist or oral surgeon and is a relatively quick outpatient procedure with either local, general, intravenous anesthesia, or a combination. Removing visible teeth is a simple extraction. Teeth that are broken, below the surface, or impacted require a more involved procedure.

RVG Digital Mouth X-ray

Digital radiography is one of the latest technologies utilized in the field of dentistry. The digital X-ray sensors are used for taking radiographs of traditional photographic film. The advantages of this type of radiography include freedom from chemical-based developing of the x-ray and secure transfer of the information of the radiographs. Also, less radiation can be used to produce an image of similar contrast to conventional radiography. Digital radiography has brought dentistry and its aspects to a new level.

Pulp Capping

PULP is defined as soft tissue forming inner structure of tooth and containing nerve and blood vessel, also called as tooth pulp. The dental pulp occupies the center of each tooth and shapes itself to a maturation of the tooth. Pulp Capping is a technique used in dental restirations to prevent the dental pulp from dying, after being exposed, or nearly exposed during a cavity preparation. At Assomee Dental Clinic, we provide two type of PULP Capping: Direct Pulp Capping, Indirect Pulp Capping.

Orthodontic Treatment

Well-aligned teeth are not only cosmetically pleasing but also help to maintain a healthy mouth. Orthodontic treatment is a way of aligning the teeth in the jaw, to improve the appearance of the teeth and get a good smile. It can also help to look after the long-term health of the teeth, gums and jaw joints, by spreading the biting pressure over all the teeth. Many people have crowded or crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment will straighten the teeth or move them into a better position. This can not only improve their appearance but also the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean.

Crown & Bridges

Dental Crowns also called caps are dental restorations placed over a tooth to cover or encircle a tooth completely, to improve its strength and appearance. Dental crowns are more permanent solutions to damaged or missing teeth. Dental Bridge covers or bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth. It takes support from existing teeth or implants to replace a section of missing teeth. They are bonded to your own teeth or to implants in order to improve the look, alignment, or strength of your teeth. At Assomee Dental Clinic, Balipara dentists can work with you to develop a custom treatment plan and perform dental crown services to restore your smile and your confidence!

Teeth Fracture Treatment

When a tooth chips or breaks, it may not hurt. However, your tongue usually feels the sharp area quite quickly. Minor tooth fractures usually don’t cause pain, but if a large piece of the tooth breaks off, it can hurt. Teeth fracture involves the whole tooth, from the chewing surface all the way down to the nerve. The pieces remain in place, but the crack gradually spreads. Cracks can sometimes be repaired with filling material. The tooth often will need a crown to prevent the crack from getting worse. If the pulp (nerve and other live tissues) is damaged, you may need a root canal as well.

Dental Implants

Keeping the 3 most important factors of form, function and aesthetics in mind, dental implants are the ideal solution for replacement of natural teeth. Whether you need to replace few or all of your teeth, you will notice a few striking benefits: The ability to bite into and chew foods just like natural teeth is regained. With missing teeth, the face has a sunken appearance and a person looks much older than he or she actually is. With dental implants, this is reversed immediately and a well-balanced, natural and radiant smile is gained. Moreover, it’s Lifelong solution. Dental implants are a one-time procedure. Once done, they last a lifetime. Successful replacement of teeth with implants is an extremely ‘technique sensitive’ process, requiring great expertise. At Assomee Dental Clinic, we take care of this very carefully. An advanced titanium structure is anchored into the bone where the tooth is to be replaced. This structure acts like a support for the ‘crown’ or the artificial tooth. These mechanics are exactly similar to how a natural tooth anchors itself, and therefore, dental implants are the ideal replacement solution.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation, also known as Full mouth reconstruction, is required to rejuvenate the oral health, self-confidence and overall well-being. With Full mouth rehabilitation, patients can get a new life with a completely new and fully functional, natural looking teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation is a combination of various treatments like Dental Implants, Gum treatment, Restorative dentistry (crowns/bridges), Smile correction, Root canal treatment or Cavity filling for decayed teeth, Extraction of teeth which cannot be salvaged, etc. Our dentists at Assomee Dental Clinic have extensive experience and will rebuild and return the mouth to its full function. Since full mouth rehabilitation includes multiple treatments, it is important that each treatment is addressed by their respective specialist/ dental expert.

Scaling – Teeth whitening

A bright smile instantly adds a new dimension to your personality. Teeth whitening is the easiest way to restore your smile’s sparkle. Teeth stains and discolorations can make you feel self-conscious while talking and smiling. At Assomee Dental Clinic, you can get the smile of your dreams with safest procedure and precautions. This will not cause any problems to your teeth, gums or existing fillings. Get assured and guaranteed results that last long. Our techniques are pain-free and suitable for people of all ages.

Root Canal Treatment

Decay of the teeth (cavities) if left untreated, generally progress and gradually destroy a significant portion of the tooth before reaching the ‘pulp’ of the tooth. The pulp of the tooth is a thin soft tissue present in the tooth canals consisting of mainly nerves and blood vessels. Once this infection reaches the pulp it gives rise to a common ‘dental pain’. At this stage the tooth can only be saved by performing a root canal treatment. At Assomee Dental Clinic we have highly experienced Endodontists i.e. Dentists who specialize in Root canal treatments who can perform the entire procedure in a single visit. A properly done root canal with a cap can last for a lifetime. We use the latest technology, like rotary system and Endodontic microscope, which provides our patients with the best quality at an affordable cost.

Smile makeovers

No matter what your oral health looks like now, you deserve to look great and feel your best. Dr. Pallab Hazarika can help you regain your health and dramatically change how you look and feel about yourself. A stunning smile is like an instant face lift and an instant mood lift. Improving your smile is one of the greatest investments that you can make. A beautiful smile instantly enhances your appearance as well as self-confidence. This involves a combination of treatments like veneering the teeth, gum contouring, teeth whitening etc.

Cavity fillings

With more and more technological innovations happening every day, dental fillings are becoming more advanced along with dental health improvements. By precisely matching tooth-colored composite fillings with the natural color of your teeth, a skilled cosmetic dentist at Assomee Dental Clinic is able to provide you with white fillings that are virtually invisible. The removal of old amalgam fillings can provide patients with white fillings that provide a more pleasing, silver-free smile.